Geolocation Application / Impressionism Museum

Ageolocation-based mobile application project, produced in association with the Impressionists’ museum and Wezit.

Here are some explanations of our work…

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The application is available free of charge under iOS and Android for mobile and tablets.

This application allows users to follow along the Seine river, the impressionist painters step by step, around 9 pre-established pathways, making possible for them to identify the many landscapes painted by the impressionist artists.

In the course of the stroll, the sceneries are correlated with the works, which allows the understanding of the artistic approach. Furthermore, the user has access to the works detailed explanations and the landscape historic changes.

The geolocation allows to easily find the best points of view.

By overlapping the view in the digital mediums, it is possible to compare today’s’ landscape with that of yesterdays. So, the user can realize the visual changes and better understand the impressionist artists.

Thus a different and whimsical way to sense the impressionistic works outside a museum. The project is a partner of landscapes discovery and cultural learning.


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