Geolocated Application / Artists and Robots Exhibition

Current exhibit ‘Artists and Robots’ at the Paris Grand Palais from April 5th until July the 9th, 2018.

The visitors are invited to experiment with the works created by artists with the help of robots. The visit will give access to an interactive immersion to a virtual world, where the program core is the artificial intelligence.

An iOS and Android application intended to prepare and lead you through the exhibit.


This application is available via smartphones for free, suggesting visitors useful information about the exhibit, voyaging room by room, as well as audio guides add-ons for purchase.

Images by

  • Nicolas Shoeffer : CYSP 1 at Festival d’art d’avant-garde, Marseille, 1956
  • Leonel Moura: Robot Art, 2017, Robots paintings and swarm
  • Arcangelo Sessolino: Tools of Power
  • So Kanno/Takahiro Yamaguchi: Senseless drawing Bot 2011, Skateboard RC
  • Miguel Chevalier: Extra natural, 2018, Virtual reality works




« The exhibit»: Presentation room by room, guided by an interactive map.

« Artists and works tour»: Artists and their work prepared, explained and described.

« Useful information»: Activities and programs.

« Works in movement tour»: Discovering videos and works by scanning catalog images.



This is a really interesting option offered by the Grand Palais: it allows visitors to have a direct access to the artists’ videos. How can you learn more about some of the artists? It’s like magic: thanks to our partner Wikitude, users who downloaded the app access to more information: specific videos that appear at the right time. 

The application allows direct access to the box office, allowing visitors to choose the available visit options.

You can find the application here:

For more information about the exhibit you can click here:


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