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In partnership with the city of Auch, Wezit developed a mobile and tablet application that is available free of charge for iOS and Android. Proud of this work, you will find herewith some more about the project, strong in new learnings. A playful and interactive tool to complete the visit!

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This application helps users to find the emblematic places of the city of Auch. This visit is proposed around great personalities of history.

The game: Baptistou is 10 years old. He is a goose breeder and his favorite goose disappeared! She has left Auch, leaving him a letter with hints on how to find her. The visitor has to move around the city of Auch in search of 10 emblematic buildings.

These places are indicated in the application plan. By scanning with its tablet/smartphone the proposed elements of the building, the user wins “points”: these are the key personalities in the city.

It gives access to further information and games.

Once 8 characters are collected and the game has ended, the user gets a prize, which can be claimed at the tourist office of the city of Auch.

Free of charge, the city of Auch loans tablets to complete the route in an ‘all family’ simplicity. The application proposes a detailed explanation as well as an audio content of the visited sites.

The geolocation

When the visitor is near a point of interest, a push notification is sent to them.

During the visit, it is not necessary to have a 3/4 G internet connection, only a localization must be activated because the application solely uses the GPS for the orientation.

The tour is proposed in two languages: French and English, enabling foreign visitors to join the Baptistou in his quest.

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