Geolocated app / Historial de la Grande Guerre, Péronne

This application on the theme of Writers and the World War I is jointly led by the Historial de la Grande Guerre and the Centre Régional du Livre et de la Lecture en Picardie (CR2L).

Free of charge, available on smartphone or tablet, the application allows to create a literary geographic tour in the territory of the Somme region. The geolocation-based approach allows to discover specific sites, the natural landscapes; all related to the texts in the specific context of the World War I.

Available in two languages (French and English), the contents of this application offer: recordings, texts about the authors, the link to the area, as well as photographs, etc.

There are many different authors represented such as: Siegfried Sassoon, Ivor Gurney, Alan Seeger, Vera Brittain,  Jean Cocteau, Francis T. Lind, W.H. Downing, André Maurois, Blaise Cendrars, Ernst Junger, Hans Carossa ou Edlef Köppen.

Tour app, interactive collaborative immersive devices / Mémorial de l’Alsace Moselle, near Strasbourg

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