filmSET European project: A Wezit application

Have you ever had a “Déja-Vu” moment while passing through the streets of Cacéres or Mêrida in Extremadura, Spain and felt in the middle of a Games of Thrones episode from season 7th? Or perhaps while visiting another Spanish region, this time Aragon and suddenly you noticed you are passing by a Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom of heaven” set  …  Or on the contrary, you look for travelling ideas inspired by films you loved and wish to experience them under your lens

This is the mindset behind the Filmset, a project selected by the European community as part of the Horizon 2020 plan, and created in part by a partnership of the University of Zaragoza with different teams from Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, and France. This project was developed in part with Wezit technology. 

Enriching transmedia experiences and using augmented reality, the goal of this project is to create a European collective memory including not only big cities but also small villages and towns, highlighting the emotional relationship created by screenwriters and filmmakers over these magical places sometimes ignored by new and old generations.

For the moment, this project is designed to establish filmSET through the participating countries. We long for this project to be the beginning of a series of progressive enhancement that will serve for future generations to learn about the legacy of the European film industry. 

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