Explore the Nancy botanical garden using augmented reality!

Wezit technology was used to create an innovative and original application visit using Augmented Reality from our partner Wikitude, at the Nancy botanical garden.

Visitors can enjoy a unique experience at the Botanical Garden, either by using their smartphones and downloading this free application, available in IOS and Android version, or renting at the reception desk of the botanical garden tablets with the application already installed, for only 5 euros!

But what’s inside this innovative application that makes it so unique?


Several tours are available:

Children-oriented tours:
– Inside tropical greenhouses tour: Includes augmented reality and 20 interactive and educational games!
– In the garden tour: This option includes 19 educational games.

Adult tours:
– Inside the tropical greenhouses, with animals in augmented reality and videos
– In the garden: A guided tour with videos.

Behind-the-scenes of this app: 

The “Silence ça pousse” team created a series of 28 films and with the well-known host Stéphane Marie presenting the garden’s elements.

Wezit technology was used in this app, in which we combined our technical expertise with the vision of the botanical garden touring specialists, ensuring that the 3D animations were used accordingly to the environment, with a story and a purpose.