A digital terminal created to raise awareness about waste and recycling

Just in time for the 2019 European Week for Waste Reduction, our agency Mazedia conceived an application designed to be used as a terminal for the Communauté d’agglomération du Beauvais. 

The terminal is set up inside the Beauvais waste collection center; the scenography of the exhibit room was created using recycled materials, aiming to create consciousness about how to reuse and reinvent our practices.  

The center’s main objective is to create an educational program to raise public awareness about waste and to prevent issues that are consequences of how we consume. 

This small yet powerful center was created with the support of Veolia and involved several other suppliers reusing materials, showing a real circular resource usage. The furniture for the meeting room is composed of second-hand tables and chairs and transformed wood parts recovered from another waste disposal site.

The app proposed several tips and advises in regards to our daily lives recycling practices, how to improve them, always in search of the best eco-friendly alternative.

A series of quizzes to test visitors how far we can go in our call of duty when it comes to our environment. 

Artemia terminal

One designed for the general public 

and the other for students…

Artemia images

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