Integration of digital devices / Georges Clémenceau birthplace museum, Vendée

Integration of digital devices for the Georges Clémenceau birthplace museum.

We helped this museum, filled with History, to further develop this French icon’s life and its historical-biographical elements.

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The Life of Georges Clémenceau

Because it is essential to know who we are talking about, we are going to tell you more about his lifetime …

Born on September 28, 1841, at Mouilleron-en-Pareds, in the Vendée region (in Western France), Clémenceau is a French politician, President of the Council.

Son of a doctor and doctor himself, he became mayor of Paris 18th district and the City Council Chairman. Later on, he will become a representative and defend the amnesty for some of the Communards.

He advocates the separation of the State and the Church and opposes French colonization in particular.

He became secretary of the Interior in 1906 and a few years alter President of the Council.

He is nicknamed “The Tiger” or “The Victory Father .”

Interactives and digital devices in the museum

On June 16th , Georges Clémenceau’s birthplace museum was opened in Mouilleron-en-Pareds. This house is part of the National Museum Clemenceau-de-Lattre, grouping the birthplace of George Clemenceau and also that of Maréchal de Lattre. These places are entirely in line with the Vendée tourism and cultural offerings.

This house-museum presents the journey of a strong man who marked for more than fifty years France’s history with his thoughts and his actions, from the Commune to the First World War.

A historical, biographical and national museum:

200 Objects and documents to immerse yourself in the life and memoirs of Georges Clémenceau
12 rooms on 2 levels to discover its historical and political history, its attachment to the Vendée region and its passions
30 multimedia elements, animations, and interactive films. A contemporary garden.

We were asked to develop for the museum many different support elements such as tactile terminals; integrating many information, videos, photos, and games..

Because images sometimes speak more than words:




The digital technology complements the museum visit and a possibility to assimilate even more the proposed contents and information.

“The funding was entirely provided by the Ministry of Culture. The Pays de la Loire Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs interceded as a delegated project manager, and allowed this house to become a museum.”


Opening Ceremony by the President of the French Republic

On June 13, 2018, the French President Mr Emmanuel Macron, opened the venue, accompanied by Françoise Nyssen, Minister/Secretary of Culture and Geneviève Darrieussecq, Secretary of State to the Minister of Defense and the Centennial Mission.

Presentation of multimedia devices by Marie-Hélène Joly, illustrating the values and struggles of Georges Clémenceau.

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