A touch table used to see the journey of meteorites…

The Museum of Natural History of Nantes commissioned the creation of a digital device to celebrate the addition of three small meteorites fragments paired with Black Beauty; this device,  a touch table, aims to enhance the visitor experience, and it was created using Wezit technology. 

The chosen format for this device: a touch table using Wezit to incorporate the information related to these meteorites fragments and at the same time allowing museum visitors to interact and virtually explore the incredible story about the “Black Beauty” fragments.


This device is available within the museum’s “Earth and Universe Science” permanent gallery; moreover, the animation reproducing their path includes a 3D meteorite reconstruction of the “Black Beauty” fragments, along with other key information. 

Wezit facilitates informal learning within the museum, especially by delivering this device as a useful tool for educational purposes.  Whereas for school field trips,  individual or family visit this table will enhance the information behind the traces of Black Beauty.