AR & interactive tables for the Vorgium Centre for Interpretation in Carhaix

A new virtual archaeological interpretation center: How to develop the cultural and tourist proposals for the city of Carhaix?

The goal is to bring as much information as possible to visitors., Wezit was able to work on the integration of interactive and digital devices for this site.
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The Carhaix site

The Virtual Archaeological Interpretation Center is a space with a total area of ​​almost 200 m2.

As part of the program: explore interesting ancient remains. The purpose of ​​the site is to give more visibility to the archaeological vestiges. It was also essential to provide the inhabitants of Carhaix and Poher with the history of their village and their region.

The accessibility tools of the site have also been designed to meet the needs of each and allow the discovery of the most number of people.

Photo credits:The Poher©  community

Multimedia Integration.

This interpretation center covers an area of ​​200 m2 and offers visitors 9 scenographic devices, developing the Gallo-Roman past of the area.

“The city relies essentially on multimedia as vectors of explaning and interpretating the site and its history”

The site visit includes digital tools such as augmented realitydigital tablets and large touch screens. These elements serve as a visitor’s complement during this interactive discovery.

The goal is to make this visit an immersive one so that the past and the present become one.

The use of new technologies reinforces this collaboration between Vorgium and Herculaneum, the ancient city near Pompei and Naples, Italy, which was made possible thanks to a partnership with the Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum. The results of this work with an internationally renowned site will secure in the future favorable notoriety be to the Carhaix site.

A cultural project to expand the visitor proposal

This project was significant due to two main reasons: first, to provide visibility to the archaeological ruins, and secondly to broaden the tourism proposals of the Brittany’s Center-West region.

In conclusion: enjoy your free time and experiment the digital integration, to learn more about this magnificent historical site!

You can read more about the Archeological Science Centre Vorgium director’s vision > HERE

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