Application & (offsite) terminals / Musée lorrain (Lorraine Museum)

For the Museum of Lorraine, Wezit was able to develop tactile terminals displaying in 3D the works and objects that are part of the museum’s collections.

A project offering a deeper immersion in the museum and in the history, telling the stories behind these objects and paintings.

This device is also available online and on the Museum of Lorraine’s website.

The Museum of Lorraine devices are administered using the Wezit solution, by delivering the content management of the works showcased in different languages and such.


Digital technology within the museum is a means to deliver even easier accessibility.

In particular, by augmented reality modules, movies, zooms on works as well as virtual books and live cards.

Fibula with Cabochon

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The Musée lorrain received the Golden label of the “innovative Territories” thanks to their digital devices realized with Wezit!

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