A wanderlust app

Discovering and walking around a city is perhaps one of the most straightforward ways to find unique experiences while getting lost…

See architecture details, street names, and monuments with a different perspective. 

Geomotifs is an app created for whimsical mobile users to informally learn about heritage while visiting a particular city ( in this case Orleans!), either by playing through image recognition of their architecture, streets and urban surroundings. The app invites its users on a “treasure city hunting promenade” to discover exciting historical facts.

The app’s back-office is built with Wezit technology, allowing museums and heritage sites to independently generate the content they want to showcase and also be able to continually support the media at the service of tourists and visitors. In the case of the Geomotifs app, image recognition plays the main role, to deepen the information of architectural elements around the city by just scanning them.

The Geomotifs project started with the city of Orleans, and now is available in Tours , Bourges and Nevers, as well as at a castle of the Loiret area. The app is available in iOS and Android versions on their respective stores… Are you ready for some playful wanderlust tourism?


Geomotifs (Wezit integrated) & the Agricole fund Credit from the Loire Center Region

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