A simple geolocation solution with multiple benefits!

The Mulhouse and South Alsace Region Hospital Group is a public health institution.  It is the largest non-educational and non-research-oriented hospital in France, this well-known hospital of the Health region IV of Alsace, also serves as a point of reference concerning the first level of care provided in their other sites, as well as a local hospital for the residents living in the nearby geographic area. 

Their scope of care includes not only administering patients with first level of care such as: medical, follow-up and rehabilitation services, inpatient, home care, assistance or other support services. 

The Hospital Group of the Mulhouse and South Alsace Region shares a medical project implemented with the adjacent Hospital Group Territory of Haute-Alsace. Together they strive for improving the care provided to their patients. 

It is not surprising that this center will concentrate a large number of amenities for physicians to render care; as a result, they trusted our Wezit solution to improve patients experience.

By using a tactile table to orientate patients floor by floor about the health services and where to locate them, the hospital also makes visible other practical information such as bathrooms, escalators, elevators and administrative offices.

A simple solution such as this, allows patients to quickly find themselves and the surroundings of this big health complex… hence creating multiple benefits for multiple people!