A new way to conquer the public is emerging:  
The live and remote guided tour. Wezit “Live visit” has been designed to integrate all the tools and offer a service that will open all museums to the world. 

Integrating a powerful videoconferencing system and an immersive tour tool, Wezit Live visit helps you create a thematic tour commented remotely by a museum guide 

Wezit Live visit is a complete solution of live visit, by internet, gathering all the management and setting up tools of the visits. 

Remote visits emerged during the COVID 19 pandemic as a substitute for physical visits, which were not possible during lockdowns.

From the first experiments, the model took hold. It does not replace traditional physical visits, but allows to reach other types of audiences, most of them highly sensitized to the topics treated by the museum.

Wezit Live visit allows the museum to: 

  • Create in less than a week a complete visit of the museum which can be the support of a remote visit 
  • To propose very thematic visits, integrating the real museum but also virtual rooms receiving objects from archives, not accessible to visitors 
  • Create visits in other languages and time zones
  • To propose visits to people with disabilities, in hospitals, retirement homes, for instance. 

Wezit Live visit includes: 

  • The entire Wezit platform for the integration of content, videos or 360° photos, multilingual management of POIs 
  • A group management module, automatic creation of invitations 
  • An integrated video conferencing system