Toast it! The exhibit: A collector’s passion

Showing from September 10th, 2019

FREIRAUM eV, Gottesweg 116a, 50939 Cologne


The passion of the collector is an exhibition that shows a retrospective surrounding the industrial design evolution of this artifact we use daily: the toaster!

In view with this retrospective, a collaboration between a French digital solution & German Köln Agency has taken place. Wezit is then used to allow visitors to see these objects from a different perspective, with fun and interactive games, designed to learn more about the artifacts from collectors: Friedhelm Gauchel, Manfred Gebert and Lucian Reindl.

We collaborated with the German agency A1ProductDesign to conceive 3 games consisting of a “drag an drop”, a “memory” and a “chronological timeline” about toasters’ history.

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"Toast-it!"- The passion of the collector