Wezit Platform

Wezit is the first software solution dedicated to all players of the museum visit. Thanks to our technical experience in the cultural sector, we offer a powerful solution which can be associated to custom software development services in order to create the back end of new continuous experiences throughout the museums’ devices such as apps, multitouch tables or kiosks, websites, etc.

With Wezit you have the following possibilities:

  • Use of the rules engine to create storyboards
  • An interface on third-party solutions (management collection, CRM)
  • Easy creation of an app (web, mobile, kiosk)
  • Monitoring use
  • Geolocalization and indoor/outdoor guiding
  • Integration to web CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Magento, EZPublish) so that visitors of the website can be actors of a transmedia installation 

A transmedia platform for cultural visits

The choice of your CMS is crucial for your project and its upgradability.

The classic Web CMS do not answer entirely to the architecture required by the project. They have been conceived to manage websites based on a succession of web pages.

We offer you the possibility to use a solution totally dedicated to transmedia issues.

Until the end of 2000, mobile or fixed devices were dealt with separately, and sometimes were not supported at all.

Wezit was designed to define a technical architecture able to manage online and offline cultural programs, fixed or mobile, by centralizing the interaction scenarios and the distributed media.

All this while maintaining a high-quality level of interactivity, which is not easily accessible by modus such as “all the Web” except if using massively the Javascript code which is not natively administered by the CMS (the development and maintenance work to be invested is much more important then).

Wezit is a global solution, hosted on a cloud

Wezit allows you to centralize, in a sustainable manner, the management of digital devices. Wezit is open and can be connected to collection management software, ticketing management, CRM (show control), Internet websites, etc.

You can manage user rights and assign functions to work as a team. You also have the possibility to embed content, in mass or automatically thanks to APIs.

Wezit Studio is the full and customizable back end. It has an integrated rules engine, allowing you to condition contents or interactivities depending on the users’ behavior.

Dialogue with the programs is based on TourML and on a series of tools we supply the developers with, to realize developments such as AS3/Airn javascript/html5, Unity or native languages under iOS and Android (you do not find your programming language? Please contact us, it might be under development).

Continuum Experience

Adapted for one or several devices, Wezit brings the customization and the continuum of experiences to the usual visitor experience. The visitor has access to a customized content afterward and he can receive additional content later on concerning the visits’ highlights.


The software suite Wezit is proposed as an online service, in SaaS modus. The entire data and the infrastructure service is hosted in France.

Wezit Dashboard: statistics

Wezit has a statistics dashboard especially developed for museum devices, fixed or mobile. This tool is the fruit of Wezit’s research on the commitment of the visitor.

These statistics give objective information on the uses such as the number of users per language, the kind of content that has been read, the consultation periods, the number of uploads for the mobile applications. They also offer more precise decision-making information connected to the visitors’ engagement.

Analyze the moves, for example, from one device to the other, the interest aroused by the devices’ contents, analyzed by the average consultation time by module and the evolution of this time. But the possibility exists also to analyze the interest shown depending on the visiting lengths and on the reading evolutions. A survey tool can help to question the public, allowing to get closer to qualitative and quantitative information.

These statistic tools help to judge exactly the relevance of the setup devices to improve their uses.

Dedicated to the cultural sector, the software suite Wezit proposes statistical analysis reports. This decision-making support can help thanks to graphics to estimate the public of the various devices, and adjust the content and the interactions accordingly.

A series of indicators are common to all the devices, to analyze the commitment of the visitors to a global experiment, and to measure the evolutions when deploying new interactive experiments.

Other indicators are specific to certain devices. It is the case in particular for indicators relating to geolocation, analyzing the visitors’ flows based on the interactions with the mobile applications.

Each Wezit application collects interaction key events, in a strictly anonymous way and in the respect of the customers’ policy of confidentiality. These events are regularly transmitted to the Wezit server, that ensures their statistical processing.

Wezit operates its own infrastructure analysis, independently from any sales solution, with data stored in France. This control of the analysis channel allows creating indicators adapted to the concrete needs of our designing customers, with the wish to co-design with the particularities of each organization.