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The activity of Inytium comprises the study, design, and implementation of audiovisual and lighting techniques for museums and tourist projects, theme exhibitions, temporary or permanent installations, show venues and television studios. http://www.inytium.com/


With a community of over half a million creators contributing over a million scenes, Sketchfab is the world’s largest platform to publish, share and discover 3D content online and in VR. https://blog.sketchfab.com/wezit-partnership-brings-sketchfab-museum-apps/


A global provider of technologies to enable location-aware applications in many industries, Accuware relies on a network of partners to power innovative location-aware applications at cultural institutions, such as museums and art galleries. https://www.accuware.com/blog/nantes-museum-art-reborn/


Bleed in an independent design consultancy with offices in Oslo and Vienna. With a unique mix of competencies, we help our clients create outstanding experiences and identities. Our work spans brand identity and development, art direction, printed matter, signage, interactive design, art projects, and exhibitions. https://www.bleed.com/


We are partnering with Epson to produce content for the Epson Moverio Glasses. Epson's cutting-edge silicon-based OLED digital display technology, making the device the lightest binocular see-through smart glasses on the market, with never-before-achieved image quality. Enjoy the ultimate in Augmented Reality! https://www.epson.fr/verticals/moverio-isv-developers


Wikitude is the leading independent augmented reality platform for phones, tablets, and smart glasses with over 100,000 registered developers, 25,000 published apps, and 1 billion app installs. Wikitude enables developers, agencies, and enterprises to create AR experiences that delight, amaze, and provide a tangible return on investment. Learn more at www.wikitude.com

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GuestViews helps touristic places know better their visitors and pilot in real time their strategies of development regarding customer loyalty and communication. Thanks to a customizable digital visitors' book - in the form of an application on a tablet and connected to a dashboard, GuestViews gets on the spot: analysis and high value-added information coming from physical visitors (opinion, satisfaction, profile, email, etc.). //Http://www.guestviews.com

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History Factory has been helping industry leaders for nearly 40 years harness their history for business advantage via corporate anniversary milestones, the development of award-winning experiential & creative programs. We also work with our clients to build long-term archival strategies which maintain institutional knowledge and deliver content opportunities for the future. // http://www.historyfactory.com/


Ortelia specializes in developing tailored interactive 3D immersive tools to improve user engagement and exhibition management for cultural institutions. Our flagship off-the-shelf software, Ortelia Curator, has been developed to specifically address the logistical and creative needs of exhibition designers and galleries. Ortelia Curator represents significant savings in time for exhibition designers, allowing them to test multiple scenarios quickly. // https://ortelia.com/


Toboggan Design is a Montreal-based creative studio that develops playful and mindful interactive experiences, environments and exhibitions. Toboggan is composed of a team of multidisciplinary designers with significant international experience in planning, script writing, scenography, design, development and production of permanent and travelling exhibitions. For more information: www.toboggandesign.com