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Wezit has evolved since the last time we met at the Museums and the Web conference held in Cleveland in 2017… Over the past years just like good red wine! Recently the Wezit platform has focused more and more on offering users a “better experience” for the cultural and inventive sectors but also on how users discover the improved features and enjoy the process.

In the past year, we have consolidated our ecosystem, present now in 14 countries, sharing the same values; to help cultural institutions achieve continuing memorable experiences for visitors present in the museum.   

In an increasingly diverse market, together we prepare to provide Millennials with innovative ways to live the museum experience. Our ecosystem stands out in delivering digital with meaningful, tangible storytelling tools adapted to their unique self-identities. The Wezit community shares a diversity of possibilities to answer transmedia projects.

HSD is an award-winning exhibition design studio with 37 years of experience creating engaging environments for museums and cultural destinations. Their portfolio includes social, historical and natural history museums, heritage buildings, children’s museums and science centres, as well as visitor attractions, museum branding and wayfinding. As a leading design agency, their creative teams develop unique projects from the point of ideation, through to completion.

IJsfontein: Playful Learning, allow your curiosity to guide you. Dare to experiment, failing is part of the process. Be confident that the challenges you encounter match your competencies. You are on a mission and will achieve a state of flow, alone or with others. Discover, play and learn. IJsfontein designs and develops playful (digital) learning based on the belief that people are naturally curious and intrinsically motivated to develop themselves. Examples include a serious game or gamification project for the purposes of personnel training, interactive experiences for museums, or cross-platform digital methodology for primary education.

Hüttinger is a one-stop shop for exhibition planning, design and fabrication, working for clients throughout Europe and on an international scale. We develop exhibitions that promote exploration and understanding through multi-sensory experience. Our preferred method of working is the design-and-build approach. This, together with a large in-house capacity, enables us to plan and provide turnkey solutions within a single project cycle, resulting in time savings, cost savings and, ultimately, a far more satisfactory exhibition. The essential prototyping is integral to the entire process. As a result, our clients get the best value for their money. Where the design-and-build approach is not the preferred option, we are happy to work as designers or fabricators, bidding separately for the different project phases.

Thematis is a cultural engineering agency. We have reknown recognized expertise regarding the enhancement of natural, cultural and industrial heritage. We support the different actors of the cultural, tourism, scientific, and industryial sectors in their various projects. We develop visions, strategies and action plans. We create exhibitions, museums, visitor centers, which we achieve successfully.

For over 27 years, Taylor Studios have been telling their clients stories in unforgettable ways. Our mission is to create exhibits and experiences that inspire people. We design, build, and install educational exhibits. Your story will be brought to life in 3D and we guide you through the whole process: Interpretive Planning, Exhibit Design & Development, Fabrication, Installation... Book a free consultation at taylorstudios.com or (217) 893-4874.

A1 stands for professional service for every kind of exhibition, from classic and interactive models to multimedia presentations. At A1 PRODUCT DESIGN, and this for more than 25 years, everything comes from one source, the design modeling and the exhibit production is carried out at our own and well-equipped studio workshops. A1 develops the idea, conception, construction up to the turnkey fulfillment and reliable maintenance - everything comes from one source.

Toboggan Design is a Montreal-based creative studio that develops playful and mindful interactive experiences, environments and exhibitions. Toboggan is composed of a team of multidisciplinary designers with significant international experience in planning, script writing, scenography, design, development and production of permanent and travelling exhibitions. For more information:

History Factory has been helping industry leaders for nearly 40 years harness their history for business advantage via corporate anniversary milestones, the development of award-winning experiential & creative programs. We also work with our clients to build long-term archival strategies which maintain institutional knowledge and deliver content opportunities for the future.

Ortelia specializes in developing tailored interactive 3D immersive tools to improve user engagement and exhibition management for cultural institutions. Our flagship off-the-shelf software, Ortelia Curator, has been developed to specifically address the logistical and creative needs of exhibition designers and galleries. Ortelia Curator represents significant savings in time for exhibition designers, allowing them to test multiple scenarios quickly.

Luci Creative is a full-service multidisciplinary firm that designs, develops, and produces compelling exhibits and visitor experiences for museums, cultural institutions, corporations, and brands. We believe that by creating meaningful experiences, we can inspire others to discover and connect with the world.

Gagarin is composed of a diverse team of producers, planners, designers, programmers, and audio-visual experts that have created environments and experiences with a strong and lasting impact on communities and our clients’ organizations. We have over 20 years of experience in working with a multitude of digital media, interfaces, devices and technologies.

Tempora is an agency founded in 1998, specialized in the design, realization and management of cultural and tourist facilities. Over the years, Tempora has brought together the talents and know-how that allow it to be today a major player in the world of the design, realization, promotion and management of exhibitions (cultural as well as historical or scientific popularization) and cultural equipment.

For more than 15 years, CREO has partnered with cultural, educational and corporate organizations to inform captivate and engage their target audiences by creating memorable digital experiences. Games, apps, digital books, audiovisual material, exhibitions…our customized solutions are designed to meet target objectives and offer enhanced visibility in the social media ecosystem. Our dissemination platform, the virtual world of game for science, has had 1 million visitors over the last 7 years, helping to spark young people’s interest in science and technology.

Is a company specialized in the creation of public spaces where people can gather, enjoy themselves, and learn. Their projects are known for integrating interactive experiences that elicit the audience’s active participation while enjoying a moment of intergenerational integration. They create environments that foster socialization, idea exchange, emotion expression, talent discovery, and knowledge construction. They go beyond the design of spaces since they shape public or private organizations that fulfill their established missions. They develop turnkey projects in which they plan, manage, organize, ideate, conceptualize, design, manufacture, install, train, and provide support to ensure its optimal operation.

Responsive Spaces - connecting opposites - Responsive Spaces is working at the intersection of technology and design, offering an integrated view on digital media system, design and experience. We are specialists for innovative and captivating media solutions with a strong focus on realtime and collaborative systems, in virtual as well as in real spaces. Responsive Spaces enables spatial installations to deliver interactive and immersive storytelling in brand and product communication by utilizing any kind of digital technology.

GuestViews helps touristic places know better their visitors and pilot in real time their strategies of development regarding customer loyalty and communication. Thanks to a customizable digital visitors' book - in the form of an application on a tablet and connected to a dashboard, GuestViews gets on the spot: analysis and high value-added information coming from physical visitors (opinion, satisfaction, profile, email, etc.).

For over 25 years, Element has been designing, conceptualising and planning in the fields of spacial communication and transmedia storytelling for museums, exhibitions, expos, branding and tourism. Our most important projects are the Museum of modern literature in Marbach, the permanent exhibitions in the Museum for communication in Bern, the Museum Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen and the Swiss pavilion at the world expo in Shanghai.

In 2001, a network of multimedia entrepreneurs that had been active for many years decided to join forces in the Foundation of checkpointmedia. Since then, about 500 projects - from the website to the complete Museum construction - successfully implemented for over 300 clients. Today the company consists of the three managing directors and owners Stefan Reiter, Stefan Unger and Virgil Widrich from a core team of employees and a network of project partners.

El Canonazo is an independent firm specialized in strategic design, creativity, production and content expansion throughout digital platforms. In other words, we make digital content for a connected audience in the following areas: "Strategy": Design content strategies for brands and media based on their client’s interests; "Entertainment": We develop transmedia formats and original series, as well as turning existing projects into transmedia experiences; "Production": We produce all types of content on demand: fiction, documentaries or info shows. We are devoted to telling great stories..

Breeze Creative is an interactive experience design company. We create unique and engaging spaces using physical and virtual elements. Our team of multidisciplinary designers, content developers, and programmers work hand-in-hand using cutting-edge technologies to turn the wildest and most creative ideas into reality. We also offer a suite of interactive products that can be provided as a fast and easy solution. Creativity has no boundaries, but it has an address.

Noterik's MuPop returns digital content to physical space, in interactive exhibitions that provide visitors with a truly museum-like experience, by letting them use their smartphones to intuitively navigate content exhibited on large screens. They can browse the collection, zoom in on details, listen to explanations in their language of choice, and compete with other viewers in interactive games that intend to inform and enhance the content.

Virtualware is a digital firm with over 15 years of experience in developing immersive and interactive solutions for museums, interpretation centers, and showrooms. Virtualware creates unique experiences for visitors, through virtual reality technologies, augmented reality and advanced interaction.

Wikitude is the leading independent augmented reality platform for phones, tablets, and smart glasses with over 100,000 registered developers, 25,000 published apps, and 1 billion app installs. Wikitude enables developers, agencies, and enterprises to create AR experiences that delight, amaze, and provide a tangible return on investment. Learn more at: https://www.wikitude.com/ premiumpartner/wezit/

Bleed in an independent design consultancy with offices in Oslo and Vienna. With a unique mix of competencies, we help our clients create outstanding experiences and identities. Our work spans brand identity and development, art direction, printed matter, signage, interactive design, art projects, and exhibitions.

The activity of Inytium comprises the study, design, and implementation of audiovisual and lighting techniques for museums and tourist projects, theme exhibitions, temporary or permanent installations, show venues and television studios.

A global provider of technologies to enable location-aware applications in many industries, Accuware relies on a network of partners to power innovative location-aware applications at cultural institutions, such as museums and art galleries. https://www.accuware.com/blog/ nantes-museum-art-reborn/

With a community of over half a million creators contributing over a million scenes, Sketchfab is the world’s largest platform to publish, share and discover 3D content online and in VR. https://blog.sketchfab.com/wezit-partnership-brings-sketchfab-museum-apps/

ARBOL DE COLOR Is a creative design firm with over thirty years of experience. Its mission is to achieve through its proposals a unique, innovative and significant experience for their clients and audiences, contributing to the creative and strategic development of a brand, product or service... Arbol de Color's main objective is to create, in order to exist.

We are partnering with Epson to produce content for the Epson Moverio Glasses. Epson's cutting-edge silicon-based OLED digital display technology, making the device the lightest binocular see-through smart glasses on the market, with never-before-achieved image quality. Enjoy the ultimate in Augmented Reality! https://www.epson.fr/verticals /moverio-isv-developers

Veevart Ticketing and POS System... Whether you charge for your tickets or not, tracking your visitors is key to track engagement, and ensure and secure memberships and donations efforts. Veevart makes it beautiful, simple, and easy, backed by powerful reporting.