Real time Synchronisation

Synchronisation in real time means visitors of museums or heritage sites can watch a film or a show in their own language, on their own smartphone.

This system works for native mobile technology (downloaded applications) and Progressive Web Apps (in web mode).

This technology has been optimised for use on a WiFi network inside the museum, but it can also work on 4G networks, even if it is slightly less accurate.

This means a lot of different types of projects can be catered for, from integrating a mobile visit platform in a museum, to providing the audio for a video mapping show in a town.

The technical challenge for this feature is to ensure synchronisation is accurate, even when a large number of users are using the tool at the same time.

Detailed R&D went into this point, and we were able to find solutions for complex requests such as Puy du Fou where several thousands of visitors need to use the tool at the same time.

Puy Du Fou
Les Épesses – France

Shows such as “Mystère de La Pérouse” offer foreign visitors the chance to follow the adventure with positioning and synchronised sound with the visitor’s smartphone.

Mémorial Alsace-Moselle
Schimerck – France

The museum tour platform can provide synchronised audio for all the museum’s audiovisual devices.