Rules engine

Games are often used in museums and heritage sites, and are often designed especially for a younger audience.

But each game has its own logic, score and adapted prizes.

Within the Wezit platform, we have therefore created a rules engine that can manage these settings.

This is Wezit’s own programming platform, where specific developments such as this are accelerated, using a rich toolbox (scores modules, badges, rules for successive appearance of POIs, location of clues, etc.)

Towards transmedia:

Wezit’s transmedia solution also applies here.

Often, it includes creating a rich experience that simultaneously uses interactive terminals, interactive tables, immersive experiences and mobile and website experiences.

The rules engine must therefore interface with these different devices.

Musée du Quai Branly
Paris – France

Mobile and web transmedia games

Fédération Française de Handball
Paris – France

Fixed and mobile transmedia experience