with third-party software

Wezit was designed to encourage its integration into the existing digital ecosystem. Gateways to other software programs already exist and can be implemented easily for any solution put forward by the editors:

Ticket office

A ticket office can be digitalised and shared on a mobile. This could simply involve using the QR Code on the ticket, or could go even further, by sharing information about the customer’s family in order to integrate loyalty features.


Wezit is also compatible with click and collect services, and payment can be made directly from the application. Wezit acts as the interface through APIs (Application Programming Interface), for most online shopping solutions already available, or for CMS eCommerce software such as Drupal commerce.

Collections management software

Collections management solutions can be interfaced through the APIs available on Wezit. The Dublin Core standard makes the standardised links between the data from the software and the data from Wezit easier.

A single authentification scheme

Wezit has an SSO (“single sign-on”) service that means the same ID and password can be used across several platforms developed by different companies. This standard means that each user can use the ID and password issued by Wezit to book tickets, access personalised trails, and post-visit, to access the collected data.

Grand Palais
Paris – France

If you enjoy the exhibitions at the RMN Grand Palais as much as we do, you’ve probably already downloaded the application for each of their temporary exhibitions. The Grand Palais called upon Wezit mobile to create a personalised tour experience, for all the exhibitions there.

Puy Du Fou
Les Épesses – France

Le Puy du Fou is the second largest leisure park in France, after Disneyland Paris. The uniqueness of the park lies in its shows with a historical theme, combining technology and spectacular staging.