Transmedia solution

Wezit is a comprehensive solution, designed for museums, heritage sites and corporate showrooms. Wezit can provide features that are perfectly adapted to the needs of exhibitions and heritage tours.

Henry Jenkins invented transmedia storytelling in 2003. Transmedia storytelling is the technique of bringing together a story experience across multiple platforms, to develop a unified and coherent experience.

What could be more adapted to “transmedia” than a museum, than the heritage interpretation of a place or an exhibition in a corporate showroom.

The primary objective is to be able to manage different types of devices, whether they are interactive or not, from the same platform.

Wezit is above-all a powerful CMS (Content Management System), offering the dual function of organising content and managing tours.

Some technical info:

All the modules that make up the Wezit platform are interconnected by APIs (Application Programming Interface).
Wezit was created from its very first version on a database in Graphics mode. This means it is highly adaptable in producing real time data for specific contexts.

This allows for tours to be personalised and to suit the needs of cultural mediators who find out about visitors’ prior knowledge as they are visiting the venue, and can therefore anticipate their needs and adapt the content accordingly.