Augmented Reality

Augmented reality now comes in different shapes and sizes to be able to adapt to the uses for which this technology is needed.

  • Architectural recreations and immersive experiences
  • Images in augmented reality
  • Navigation using augmented reality to provide information according to location

For each case, Wezit has the adapted technical solutions.

On mobile:

For native applications, augmented reality integrated into Wezit mobile programmes uses AR CORE technology by Google on Android, and AR KIT by Apple on IOS.

For Progressive Web Apps, substitutional reality replaces augmented reality: at key locations of the tour, the user can transfer the view of his camera into a perfectly oriented pre-calculated view.

For immersive devices:

Thanks to sensors and a giant immersive image, Wezit can plunge participants into a projected augmented reality scene.

Jardin Botanique de Nancy
Nancy – France

The Grand Nancy botanical garden is in the east of France and every year attracts tens of thousands of visitors, who come to wander through the gardens, and explore the greenhouses full of plant species from all over the world. Wezit technology was used to create an innovative and original visit application, using Augmented Reality.

Vorgium – Villa Gallo Romaine
Carhaix – France
In Carhaix in Brittany, the Villa Vorgium has kept traces of Gallo-Roman presence in the area. How did the locals live back then, what architectural features did the villa show? The application, based on Wezit mobile, can provide visitors with the answers to these questions, on tablets.