Wezit is a comprehensive solution, designed for museums, heritage sites and corporate showrooms. Wezit can provide features that are perfectly adapted to the needs of exhibitions and heritage tours:

Wezit is above all a transmedia solution,, that allows several interactive devices to be managed within one system. Unlike web CMS which are used for websites, Wezit is adapted to all types of development technology.

With Wezit, you can manage tree structures and visits. This solution means you can oragnise, modify and assemble content, while leaving space for developing the user experience.

Media can be imported, organised, indeed and also enriched. It is therefore possible to create points of interest on images or even on 3D projects.

Wezit also provides indoor positioning functions, that can be added to visitor tours inside a museum for example.

The games are also managed by a rules engine that is configured to manage the rules of the game, to provide prizes at the right moments and give a score.

Treasure hunt-style games can be proposed thanks to Wezit mobile. To achieve this, Wezit uses an image recognition feature based on an artificial intelligence engine.

Audio synchronisation that provides a different version for each visitor via a mobile is also one of the features available according to their language or profil.

With Wezit, you can create augmented reality experiences that can showcase heritage or improve the visitor experience.

Wezit is an open solution that can interface with other solutions such as software for managing collections or ticket office software to digitize ticket sales. These functions are also available on PWAs or Native Applications.