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Wezit’s Partner!

Have you ever thought of broadening your business horizons, and working hand in hand with a trusted partner?

Become a member of our international network of partners and help us reach the contacts of your geographical area.


Why partner with us?

  • work on transmedia projects
  • create a project-specific environment integrating multiple devices 
  • have access to first-hand information about upcoming projects
  • benefit from our technical, linguistic and more generally presales support as a renown platform with many references
  • open up to new perspectives, gain time and flexibility 
  • participate in our R&D approach with Wezitcamp workshops

Be independent

Everything that is being created thanks to Wezit can of course be managed by the clients.

They are entirely free to publish, change and enrich the contents of the various devices as the project moves forward.

The cloud-based platform can be accessed at any time and benefits from ongoing maintenance support with the latest technologies.

Wezit can exchange data with most of the collection management solutions.

We have integrated multiple functionalities allowing our customers to quickly create an interesting and original visitor experience based on their own needs.

Wezit can be used as a technical support for any sorts of projects.

We provide you with a reliable and sustainable solution.


What is expected of Wezit’s partners?

a close relationship with customers at a local level

stay current with the specific evolution of their market 

be able to manage projects requiring a quick implementation

We wish to work with innovative partners and to assist them with our technical expertise, as our adaptable solutions can meet the specific requirements and needs of any cultural or touristic institution.

Thanks to Wezit, we can apply to digital technology a true scenographic approach taking moves, cross-references as well as the dialogue between exhibited works into account. 

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