Wezit is going to Ecsite 2019


Wezit is going to Ecsite 2019 conference!

Wezit is on the road again!

We are excited to be going to Ecsite 2019! As usual, we will be attending this year Ecsite sessions, and we are ready to meet museums professionals.

Furthermore, we are also looking forward to learning more about the science’s latest trends, needs, and developments in managing collections, about results on audience equity and inclusion,  new learning tools, but also the operational part involved in exhibit development, visitor services, marketing & communication, fundraising. 

Wezit is going to Ecsite 2019

Every year we increase during the Ecsite meetings so much knowledge about science-related centers and the strategies and visions that are shaping the new generation of visitors. Moreover, this conference is also about the ongoing research, theory, and evaluation that is engaging science and societies around the world. 

We hope to meet you in Ecsite and most of all; we look forward to exchanging all this fascinating program with your colleagues, this year’s theme will be: Pushing boundaries in expanding how we communicate about science and technology.

See you at the Experimentarium in Copenhagen, Denmark, from June the 6th to June the 8th!

Learn more about the hosting site: The Experimentarium.

Since 1991 “…has let knowledge and curiosity come alive with a hands-on approach and explored the world through science and technology together with millions of curious children and adults. Everything is designed to be touched at Experimentarium, so that play and learning always are interconnected. Creating engaging science experiences that are immersive and relate to every-day life is one of the trademarks of Experimentarium…”

Lastly, don’t forget to share your #Ecsite2019 experience on Twitter and Instagram, connect on Facebook, we will be sharing ours too !

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