Wezit is going to Museum Next Sydney!

We have a “rendez-vous” at Museum Next Sydney… and we are very, very excited to be part of this session, covering the ‘Playful museum’ thematic!


The purpose is to invite museum professionals from around the world to share and discuss the topic of ‘Playful Museums,’ Network with other museum professionals around this proposal, formulate innovative approaches about the concept of making museums a playground for all audiences… while enjoying beautiful and sunny Sydney!


Australian National Maritime Museum for the conference sessions and The Loft – Waterfront Cocktail Lounge to connect with museum collaborators from all over Australia and beyond.


About 30 speakers, discussing relevant content in a 2-day session which is all about Play in a Museum context: from data, budget outdoor/indoor playfulness in museums to digital usage to create social, and playful experiences.

Our own International Project Manager, Segolene Valencot, will be having a serious yet playful intervention about the fun in museums and playful apps, with particular attention to what can we do to make our museum a playground for all ages? What is that magic that can start our fun? Combining digital and non-digital, elements of a collection and be participative for all ages.

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