One or two words about museum and podcasts…

Are you a museum geek? Do you LOVE all things related to museums… Then you must enjoy listening to the podcasts associated with museums.

Like any on-demand services, where you can stream services at your convenience, whenever and wherever you are… same goes for the podcats, with the possibility of safely listening to it while driving, cooking, running, walking or commuting. 

Easy to use, download and easy to produce… podcasts have become popular among the population  between the ages of  12 to 24 years.

Podcasts are indeed a great way of creating content, deepen the knowledge of any specific topic! For museums, it presents an opportunity to connect in a very personal manner with the listener, prospective visitor, and start creating a “continuum visit concept” with visitors.

Here are some notable museum oriented podcasts we found interesting:

1) Museopunks: This podcast calls themselves the podcast for the “progressive museum”. Produced by Suse Anderson and presented by American Alliance Museums.

Diving through from 40 minutes to one-hour episodes, the hosts present topics related not only to museum professionals but also students training in museum studies. The progressive elements discuss how museums are currently operating and how they are evolving.

2) Museum Confidential: Created by the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, OK is a collaboration between Jeff Martin of Philbrook and Scott Gregory of Public Radio Tulsa.

It is published twice a month, explores not only the exhibit itself but also the “behind the scenes” portion…

3) Museums in strange places: Author, producer and host Hannah Hethmon is an American museum consultant based in London.

She specializes in museum podcasts. Hannah discovers different museums and unveils the stories behind them, discuss the challenges and the outcomes with museum professionals, as well as their volunteers.

4) What’s on by Cuberis, a boutique agency dedicated to museum design, this podcast is hosted by Nick Fab, Cuberis Director of Content Strategy.

On each episode, conversations about content creation from the “museum crew” side, real cases filled with challenges but also insights to share with other museum staffers.

The relationship between history and tourism has also in a certain way inspired and has been used to immerse visitors in time and space, a great example, even though it is not a traditional podcast like the ones mentioned above is La Peste.

Created by El Cañonazo for the village of Seville, in this podcast, visitors become players.

They are guided by their hosts on each immersive episode of this transmedia universe experience, travelling in time between today’s Seville and that of the 16th century.

However, consistency is vital in this medium like any other content mediums used to communicate and showcase any institution must be fed regularly with content.

What do you think? Is this the “must- do”  awareness trend for museums to follow? Give us your thoughts …

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