On how online virtual tours are used as an exhibit complement…

Ever wanted to dive into your computer screen and travel to an exhibit? Ever felt like traveling in time and be able to appreciate exhibits that are no longer available for view? Or have you ever had the feeling to see all those itinerant exhibits without chasing after them on the road?

We understand you!

Having the possibility, in a certain way, to create an intangible record yet a tangible digital trace, to leave an imprint of what can open our memories and emotions, or connect us to the meaning behind those “so-called” museum elements.

More and more cultural institutions are encouraged to develop an “entrepreneurial” spirit, making their collections accessible to everyone, using digital tools as a medium to show onsite and offsite current and past exhibits… or those museum collection elements stored and rarely displayed. 

Using digitals tools in some specific way can improve not only cultural sites relate with current audiences, but also keep in touch with them after the exhibit. 

We recently exchanged with our partner Ortelia, who have engaged in creating a virtual tour  looking exactly the same as it does the physical gallery tour created for   The Women’s Wealth art project physical exhibit. This online version will be available indefinitely. 

We found the objective of The Women’s Wealth art project, not only interesting but also inspiring:

To build the importance and richness of women’s creativity in the region of Bougainville and Solomon Islands, in the east of Papua -New Guinea. 

This project was launched on Buka Island in April 2017 as a collaboration between the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, better known as QAGOMA, and three Buka women: Sana Balai, the co-curator and artists Taloi and Marilyn Havini, who were looking to transform their dream into a reality, by building a creative exchange platform to understand each other culturally and artistically.

The art project itself is inspirational but most important is how participative is this group of women artists, in a way or another translating this cultural exchange, understanding each other’s regions while experimenting with new materials; and lastly, present those to increase audiences’ comprehension about the area and its history. 

The art project reunited this group of women from different islands of this region, followed by a ten-day creative and hands-on workshop held at the Nazareth Rehabilitation Center in the north area of Bougainville. 

A place dedicated to raising awareness and communicating about social behavioral change programs.

In the end, the elements created by these women represent artistic virtue and their connections … and to record this experience, not only a website is used to locate geographically to everyone around the world about this area, but also an online virtual tour … making it possible to experience 48 2D and 102 3D objects, two videos and 80 supporting videos about The Women’s Wealth art project; perfectly curated.

Using virtual tours is an excellent example of how well-implemented technologies allows reuniting the works for all these artists women that are scattered around this region, in one single virtual home.

Even if this place does not physically exist, it documents the moments, creates awareness, becomes a constant reminder about this experience, establishing rapports within new audiences, and perhaps setting the roots for an actual brick and mortar gallery in the future?…