Museum, heritage sites data analysis… understanding your yearly numbers!

A Taylor studios’ field journal case …

Our partner Taylor Studios, an award-winning design firm, combining art and business for 27 years expertise and completing over 480 projects shares our passion for museums, parks and heritage sites.

Furthermore,  our common curiosity led us to interesting conversations regarding data analysis and the role of museums in searching for ways of connecting more with visitors. 

We all agree that having beautiful elements to display are essential but the importance of storytelling relies on connecting scenography, facts, informal learning and easiness in navigating the tours created.

About a month ago, we spoke about the role of data analysis and visitors’ behaviors, how the two can become crucial to understand what audiences expect and how we can improve and try to predict their next visits. 

Moreover, we agreed that knowing your clients, customers or visitors is essential for any organization. After all, cultural institutions’ main goals is to communicate the knowledge to present to future generations. Understanding your museum data analysis is an excellent way to prepare for the following season or year! Getting new trends and behaviors can help perhaps to reproduce successful programs, activities, adapted to specific regions, seasons, ages and such. 

Thus, it is the fine line between statistics and visitors, in which museum staff analyzes and put numbers in relationship to the time spent, ages, engagement, how visitors share the experience and so on… call it a scan, x-ray, photocopy or an infographic of the exhibit!

Let’s take a look at the numbers Taylor Studio’s shared about a sample of nature and park visitor centers (we kept their names private, respecting their clients’ privacy). 

Lastly, perhaps the most important are the revealing facts obtained and how we can learn and benefit in excelling on the next showing with the use of data analysis.

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