EVA Berlin 2018: An Immersive Virtual Sensory Family Experience

The Electronic Media & Visual Arts, also known simply as the EVA conference starts this week. 3 days where the focus will be on Digital Twins.

Visualization, simulation and hybrid technologies for museums, libraries, and archives.

Trends such as Augmented, mixed and virtual reality, digital storytelling and multi-perspective narration, Blockchain technologies in cultural heritage are just a few topics to be discussed…

We have the honor to be presenting a paper that explores an immersive virtual sensory family experience recreated at the Croisic Aquarium in Brittany.


Our CEO Vincent Roirand will be presenting during the EVA conference this on-going R&D project, which is being made possible thanks to the collaboration between our team and those of another company from Rennes, along with the Ecole des Mines and the Ecole Centrale. 

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