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Audioguides …you may question if what you hear is what you see or do you see with your ears?

Audioguides are, among many other methods, working with museums on the curating strategy and getting message across all audiences. New trends are offering a practical and – believe it or not – more sustainable way to present content. 

As a content and scenario management solution dedicated exclusively to the museum and heritage sector, Wezit can connect and share content between software developed with different technologies, enabling the creation of transmedia experiences while adapting the users’ digital proposals according to their context and usage.

Whereas a digital agency specially creates the media, relies on templates, or a prototype application is precisely made according to the cultural institution’s needs, Wezit provides straightforward and graphism customization, as well as the implementation of these applications.  

 As soon as the user downloads the application, the contents can be stored when arriving at the museum. The main advantages are: 

Wezit supports rich media management and the creation of so-called “Points of Interest,” also known as POIs for content development. The distribution of these contents can be done gradually. 

The main advantages are of this form of guide are: 

Interactive guides developed: A large quantity of the projects covered by Wezit incorporate a more elaborated user experience dimension that comes out of a standard design, and we produce unique templates adapted to our client’s needs.  

Real case scenarios for this option are:

  • the app done for the “The Gardens of Versailles”, where there is the desire to integrate and expand the content reading through the eyes of great witnesses, letting visitors share this content via social media.
  • another great example was the app created for The Quai Branly Museum. 
Live translation PdF

Lastly, but never the least important, and one of the most helpful audio-related guides, are the ones offering live translation! 

This feature makes it possible to offer multiple languages during a play. We have developped a technology capable of managing the application’s synchronization so that the visitor gets the translation of the show in their own language. This happens on their device loudspeaker and since the app is embedded; no matter which smartphone is used.

This technology has been adopted for the Puy du Fou theme park where all its performances are using this solution and also at the Alsace Moselle Memorial near the city of Strasbourg.