Meet our partner: A1 ProductDesign

At A1 PRODUCTDESIGN, and this for more than 25 years, everything comes from one source: design, conception, modeling, and the exhibit production.

Everything is carried out at our own and well-equipped studio and workshops. A1 develops the idea, conception, construction up to the turnkey fulfillment and reliable maintenance.

Which project has been one of the most challenging ones? 

It’s natural that the first big museum project as a full-service provider was the biggest challenge for us. If you want to make progress, you need to look for challenges.



What projects have you enjoyed the most???? …

A1 PRODUCTDESIGN is a German firm that stands for professional service for every kind of exhibition, including exposition architecture, classic and interactive models as well as multimedia presentations. 

We welcome them to our Wezit ecosystem! We want to introduce you to Lucian Reindl and get our audiences to know more about this exciting design firm. We had the opportunity to discover more in-depth about them while exchanging with Lucian Reindl.

So how did A1 PRODUCTDESIGN started? 

A1 started 1992 as an industrial design studio with a model making workshop. 

Did A1 PRODUCTDESIGN venture towards exhibition design during the conception of the firm or did it began as the business evolved? 

Due to the knowledge in creating exhibits and models of any kind, we grew into the field of exhibition-making as a full-service provider – from scratch to complete installation.

Of course, this developed along with client projects, from smaller special exhibitions to complete museum exhibitions. Besides that, we always developed exhibits and installations for our industrial clients.

What projects have you enjoyed the most?

In the field of museums, it’s clearly the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, where we have developed and implemented the three levels of the cultural exhibition with a lot of interactive installations targeting families and groups. This museum is one of the most popular museums in Germany.

Besides this, we really enjoyed developing a museum for our industrial client „BPW.“ A corporate exhibition along the topic of the „history of wheel and axles“…

What sets / focuses you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally while conceiving a project? 

It’s curiosity! We enjoy diving into the unknown and new fields. Every project has a different topic. It ranges from industrial sensors to the world of cacao and chocolate. From the history of the Mesoamerican tribes to the development of an automated scientific probe collector.

What do you want more?

How do you see creative and interactive spaces adapt to new generations such as, for example, millennials? 

In an average exhibition, we need to reach all ages and cultures. Of course, the expectations develop and change – and it’s not only the young people. We see the influence and development of modern technology. We use it – if it makes sense.

But we also clearly see a growing interest in analog interactivity. It’s like the return of vinyl, polaroid and analog photography.

About two years ago I visited a special exhibition in the Kröller-Müller-Museum in the Netherlands. It presented Vincent van Gogh paintings and sketches on the topic of his attempts and failures. What a surprise! The exhibition itself was totally classic.

But in-between, it showed impressions of the every-day life at that time  – as large format prints. One could see a real-life historical situation in „real scale.“ This way the visitor could easily dive into the position of the artist. It was very human. Simple and good.

By working together, A1 PRODUCTDESIGN and Wezit create new possibilities and can see big projects emerge. 

We work on transmedia projects, including both our know-how as we are very complementary; an experience that allows visitors to go beyond the museum’s walls, continue the experience after the discovery within the city for instance! 

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