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The Quai Branly museum and their playful app!

As part of the R&D CULTE project and in partnership with the LUTIN, the New Technologies Research Lab, the CNAM-CEDRIC (Interactive Mobile Media team), and the Mazedia agency.


We conceived and developed the TransMaître app for the Quai Branly Museum:

Using Wezit, this app provides immersive and interactive features, adding a fun and playful touch for little ones and not so little one’s museum experience, in addition to the characteristics of a regular app such as geolocation, AR and such.

If you ever…

found ethnology a serious subject or a discipline-oriented, only towards those who have studied this science, you may be surprised how this app enables users to speak to the collection’s objects being exhibited! Also, it is possible to play challenging games designed for all ages, even after the museum visit has “ended.”

The museum’s digital interpretation strategy towards their ethnography art collections is tailored to attract new generations and to improve the existing visitors’ experience during their tours. They pursue this by creating playful visitor experiences, starting with engaging at the reception area, using several devices, visitors entering this adventure to our world’s most remote places.

The main app features are:

1) An exploration side of the app makes the collection’s art pieces scalable during their visit. As a form of interaction, visitors can “speak” to the collections’ pieces along the galleries in a playful new way, and the best part is that those can answer back!

2) Learning through games: As a tool to engage users, this app entices visitors to solve riddles – even after the visit has “ended” and according to the users’ mastery, we all start as novices, and we can move up towards the final level of “TransMaître.”

3) Ease of movement from one gallery to another, color-coded according to collections’ continents: red for Oceania, Orange for Asia, Yellow for Africa and Aquamarine for the Americas.

4) The “Visit Continuum” aspect… Games are available for users to continue playing and mastering their skills, inviting the participants to come back to the museum (or at least to is content).

5) The appeal of this app denotes a “scenography” feeling

6) Interactive guides: for the most part, projects covered by Wezit incorporate an elaborated user experience dimension that comes out of a standard design. For this app, we wanted to offer visitors to go between the museum’s elements and their geographical origins, by choosing the method of their choice.

The app is part of the R&D CULTE project, and is currently available for visitors to download on the stores.. we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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