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The Puy du Fou app live translation feature!

We already wrote about the different aspects in which we contribute to the improvement of  the Puy du Fou: from improving their website to the ambitious features involved in creating an app suitable for the needs of this excellent edutainment park!

Already known worldwide as one of France’s top attraction entertainment park, and locally as second in the country next to Disneyland Paris, Puy du Fou has increased to 27 million euros only for this season, not to mention the upgrading projects planned for the next ten years.

Convinced that securing visitor loyalty is a must, the park continually invests in developing their infrastructure. Thus consisting of several aspects: restaurant options, artists and professionals to recreate inspiring shows, different efficient digital resources… Just to name a few: this includes a parkwide WI-FI network to enable visitors to download the app for different uses.

As we previously discussed in past articles, yet one that we are very excited about are the Live translation capabilities, created using Wezit technology. 

How many times you were hesitant about seeing a play or any other show while visiting a foreign country because of the language barrier... Now, that is no longer an issue! 

Although traditional audio headsets are still available for rent at the Guest Information Center, visitors from around the world and their families can enjoy the park’s free WI-FI network and download the app onto their smartphone.

Among many other features, we have included the posibility to have access to a “six languages live translation feature” while watching the shows.

No need to make long queue lines to get a device, leaving an ID as a guarantor, pay and do another queue to return the device.

This seems to be a part of the international strategy of the Puy du Fou! As a result, the opening of a park in the city of Toledo, Spain is already in course, and perhaps is just the beginning of more to come.


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