Participation to the AAM – Phoenix 2018

Why participate in this common type of meeting? What is the AAM?

We will be present at the AAM meeting in Phoenix, USA from 6 until 9 May 2018. 

Every museum’s mission is to promote creativity, improve learning and to offer an instructive and understandable support.

The meeting gathers museums’ professionals; to share their experiences during nearly 160 interactive sessions. Diverse subjects are proposed, such as collections management, public practices, research of good communication adapted for their audience and the educational aspect. Moreover, exhibitions planning, the “marketing” phases, as well as community commitment are to be chosen.

This year the American Alliance Museums’ annual meeting is the opportunity to understand why museums are places for learning gatherings… of beautiful talks!
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  What is the AAM?


The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) is a non-profit organization established in 1906 under the name of “American Association of Museums”, a conglomerate of American museums. Its goals are to advocate the development of guidelines and practices, connecting and sharing knowledge, and to address concerns related to the museum institutions.

The AAM is the only association representing museums, as well as professional and volunteering staff working on them. It counts approximately 15 000 members distributed approximately in 3 000 institutions, such as art, science, military, maritime or history museums, as well as aquariums, zoos, botanical gardens, historic sites and centers of science and technology. It also includes approximately 300 corporate members.

Their headquarters are located at the offices of the Smithsonian Institution Building.

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