Our partnership with Accuware

We at Wezit are in love with Accuware, the leader in location technologies for indoor positioning and navigation since 2015, and we share common passions to deliver innovation and creativity in our projects.  

Since our first collaboration for the highly precise location technology Accuware brought during the development of the app created for the Nantes Museum of Fine Arts called My Visit (Ma Visit). A mutual feeling of respect for each other’s expertise and synergy in envisioning how our partnerships can easily improve solutions to challenges across diverse industries, and especially the cultural sector. 

Like friends do, we sent Accuware our postcards from the recent Ecsite 2018 conference held at Geneve, sharing specifically our discoveries on heritage, museum, and other cultural institutions.

We value the words coming from our partner’s recent article:

 “…Wezit’s people are true innovators in many creative ways, always focused on educational institutions.  At Accuware, the location technology providers, we look forward to a long term collaboration for many years to come….”

We also look forward to continuing this partnership!

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