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Ecsite: Challenging our brains to come up with new ideas!

One of the many Ecsite sessions of this year’s 2018 Conference in Geneva: “when creating an exhibition, are you in fear that your ideas might get stolen?” – Here you will find some experts’ feedback on this topic.

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You need to look out at what’s happening at other museum’s or even other countries, and bring your local visitors to move forward together as a community, make them change at the same pace as you intend your institution to evolve. One excellent advice amongst others is: “keep calm, and use the scientific method!”

Exhibitions evolve, so do the visitors as well as the curators and the creators behind the exhibitions “eat knowledge”: they digest, combine, and they all need to have time just to let it go…

The thing is, innovations come up at the same time in different places, and you need to keep in mind that being copied is finally an honor. 


It’s all about the vision, the mission of how objects are used, the artifacts, and space within the museum. It’s not only about what we do that is new but also about something that is working. 

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