Augmented Reality

Let’s welcome Wikitude for our Partnership Program!

We are very happy to be present on Wikitude's website as a Premium partner:

We have integrated their solution into our Gauguin app realized for the Grand Palais. 

Have a look at this small video presentation: to discover some more!!!

For this exhibition RMN/Grand Palais wanted to innovate with an outfit of tools of mediation, publishing and communication, leaning in particular on a campaign of digitalization and 3D modelling led by their Photographic Agency.

More than 30 works were digitized in photogrammetry with a very high precision guaranteeing their geometrical and colorimetric conformity. This technique of 3D digitalization allows to take the work into account differently, to observe it in all its forms and to discover the multiple details. 21 ceramics and sculptured woods and 11 paintings, lent by the Musée d'Orsay, were modelled this way.

These 3D models are integrated into movies broadcasted along the tour and enriching the publications of RMN/Grand Palais.
The works in 3D are also presented on the websites and, on the Sketchfab platform and on the social networks through the Player Sketchfab.

An application and an e-album

Besides the information on the exhibition, a mobile application available on Android and iOS allows to discover surprising contents with the Gauguin « animal » tour, whereas the image recognition offers the exploration of some of the works of Gauguin in 3D and in 360.

The mobile application includes in particular:

. The presentation of the exhibition room by room, with practical information, cultural and educational programming.
. The audioguide, a guided tour of the exhibition can be bought 2,29 € each
- an audioguide tour for adults in French explaining 30 works, illustrated with zoom and situation on the museum map, 1 hour listening.

- an audioguide tour for adults in English explaining 30 works, illustrated with zoom and situation on the museum map, 1 hour listening.
- an audioguide tour for children in French of 20 works explained with zoom and situation on the museum map, 36 minutes of listening.

 . A free tour called "the animals of Gauguin": discover the animal symbolism in Paul Gauguin’s work, a dozen works during the tour that are presented as 3D models.
. A 3D module and the image recognition possibility, allowing to scan (with the camera of the user’s Smartphone/iPhone) 32 works of Gauguin in 3 dimensions or to select them in the proposed list and to give them to life thanks to the 3D, which displays directly into the mobile.

The RMN publishes an e-album of the exhibition

in a version for iPads and Android tablets, an ebook version distributed by the digital booksellers, the adaptation of the album of the exhibition to the tablet size, enriched by 3D objects (4,49 €).

(extracts translated from the article on the following website: