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Wezit + Wikitude: a WeziTude experience




We are delighted to be part of Wikitude’s Premium partners!


We have partnered with them and integrated their solution into our Gauguin app accomplished for the Grand Palais, and more recently, we incorporated Wikitude’s augmented reality technology at the Artists and Robots exhibit held at the Grand Palais in Paris, enabling interactively, app users to access rich AR contents.


For the Gaugin exhibition, The RMN/Grand Palais, leaned towards a digital campaign, aiming to use mediation, publishing and communicating tools, as well as a 3D modeling led by their photographic agency to propose an innovative visit.


More than 30 works were digitalized in very precise photogrammetry guaranteeing their geometrical and colorimetric compliance, registering the artwork in different angles, allowing them to be appreciated all of their sides in detail.  Overall, a total of  21 ceramics and sculptured wood along with 11 paintings, lent by the Musée d’Orsay, were represented this way.


The movies transmitted, integrated these 3D models along with the tour and enriching the RMN/Grand Palais publications; moreover, the following websites showcase the works in 3D :

The mobile application includes in particular:


  •  The presentation of the exhibition room by room, with practical information, cultural and educational programming.
  •  The audio guide, guided tour of the exhibition is available for sale for 2,29 € each.
  • A 1-hour length audioguide tour for adults, available in English and French explaining all 30 works, explained with zooming and a museum geolocation feature.
  • A 36 minutes length audioguide tour for children in French of 20 works with a zooming description and museum geolocation feature.
  • A free tour called “the animals of Gauguin”: exploring throughout Paul Gauguin’s animal symbolism, with about a dozen works presented in 3D models during the tour.
  • Using the user’s Smartphone/iPhone camera, visitors can scan and use a 3D module and an image recognition feature to bring to life 32 works in a 3D format displayed directly to their phones’ screens.


On the other hand, following the same principles for the Gaugin application, the RMN Grand Palais commisioned Wezit in partnership with Wikitude an application that can allow visitors direct access to the box office,  choose from the available visit options, direct access to the artists’ videos , and by magic, more information about specific videos will appear at the right moment.

 In addition to the above mentioned, this application proposes the following;

  • The exhibit feature: Presentation room by room, guided by an interactive map.
  • Artists and works tour: Artists and their work prepared, explained and described.
  • Useful information section: Activities and programs.
  • The works in movement tour: Discovering videos and works by scanning catalog images.


Lastly but not least, the visitors are invited to experiment with the works created by artists with the help of robots an interactive immersion to a virtual world, where the program core is the artificial intelligence.


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 Some extracts were translated and paraphrased from the article on the following website:



Geolocated Application / Artists and Robots Exhibition

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