3 new Wezit kiosks for the new temporary exhibition at the Nantes Museum of Fine Arts!


At the heart of the exhibition, three digital multitouch tables allow to explore in a different way Régnier’s collection, its activities of art dealer and expert, or the big lottery of 1666.






Come to the Museum and discover the wonderful exhibition “Nicolas Regnier” at the Museum of fine arts from Nantes, with its 3 multitouch tables realized with Wezit, present at the end of the exhibition.

First world retrospective dedicated to the painter Nicolas Régnier (v. On 1588-1667), this exhibition echoes the remarkable Caravaggio-like collections of the museum (Georges de La Tour, Master of the Announcement to the shepherds, Stom, etc.).

Navigate among the masterpieces of the collection, live the various stages of a picture’s sales, play the roulette, put yourselves in the shoes of an art dealer and discover your profile as a collector.

After the first “Under the magnifying glasses” selected painting: Le Déluge by Léon-François Comerre, around 1911…

Installed in front of the work, a multitouch table delivers you an interactive exploration of the painting, information about the author, the context of its creation… Images in very high definition allow you to zoom into the work and discover the details which can escape the only eye.

The section “crossed looks” confronts the presented artwork to those of other artists or to other fields of the artistic creation. There are also some games and animations available.

How does it all work?

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