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Activity parks: your visitors’ essential needs

In 2016, the activity park Puy du Fou attracted 2.2 million people, the Futuroscope 1.9 million, the Asterix Park 1.8 and Disneyland was still the first touristic destination.

Since the competition is omnipresent, are you sure you are doing your best for your visitors?


Your visitors’ 5 essential needs:

–       Have access to the attractions’ time schedules

–       Know exactly where they are and be able to localize the attractions and services on the map of the park.

–       Move around in the park

–       Create a list of wishes

–       Communicate about their experience


Before coming to the park:

 Most visitors want to find all the information about the newest attractions, but also more details about some specific shows. They can register those as « favorites » to find them again more easily during their visit; and book the entrance tickets when using the app.


On the day of their visit :

Your visitors can discover the map of the park and go around it easily thanks to a geolocated system. Thanks to the app, they can quickly have access to all the information needed about the attractions, the shows and the services, with detailed data sheets.

Wezit answers these needs and allows you to encapsulate in an app many services:

• we provide an unforgettable offer for the end users, so that these live the best experience, do not get lost, etc • we enable visitors to display easily the map and to zoom in • it is possible to get into some of the points of interest and create a path by linking them together...

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