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Musée d’Arts de Nantes

Customisable tours: visitors can define their own tour on the website of the museum before their visit, from home or already on the app. When arriving at the museum, they can load the app that holds their own personal tour.

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The exhibition rooms have many touchscreens installed, allowing guests to learn more about the art works they are seeing.

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Musée du Quai Branly

Embark for an initiatory journey to discover the collections of the museum… The game “Transmaître” offers you to dive into a world of rites of passage, magic and myths – a world where the works actually talk to you!

Remain attentive: by revealing their secrets to you, the works pass on to you the knowledge which you need to develop your “Aura” and be successful with your initiation. Show discernment, curiosity but also sociability to solve the riddles, climb the various levels and maybe reach the ultimate rank: become a TransMaître!

You can download the app here:

Art works 





QUAI BRANLY – Pavillion des sessions inside the Louvre Museum

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