Museum geolocation adapts to collections management system in real time

At the newly reopened Musée d’Arts de Nantes in France,  geolocation services automatically update when artworks are removed or relocated. 






Geolocation has become an absolute must-have for museums. Helping visitors find their way seamlessly around the museum is now a priority shared by many institutions. The best geolocation services allow visitors to find specific artworks around the museum; but what happens when the artwork is moved to another room, or when new artwork is brought into the collection?

At the newly reopened Musée d’Arts de Nantes, we have used our Wezit solution which communicates with collection management softwares to update – in real time – the location of artworks on all the museum’s devices: from sturdy touch-tables to mobile apps.

Here are a few screenshots of the interactive kiosks at the Musée d’Arts de Nantes:


As you can see, on those screenshots:

  • The Wezit solution communicates with the collection management software to gather information about the artworks such as the author, date and title.
  • The artworks can be easily geolocated on a map.
  • When an artwork’s location/status changes, it is automatically updated in the app and on all static devices, such as the interactive kiosks presenting the collection.

The point of view of our engineer:

For this project, Wezit is connected, via an API, to the museum’s collection management software. When the curators indicate that a work is hung in the museum, it is automatically imported into Wezit. The objects’ location is updated according to what is specified in the management collection software. The periodicity of those updates can be adapted to the need of every museum.

More than 800 works and 600 artists

Based on several thousands of files coming from the museum’s collection management software, Videomuseum , we managed the automatic import of more than 800 works and 600 artists into Wezit. We do not only import and update works that are hung (or not) in the museum, we also import a great deal of information (artworks labels, related images, related indexed artists’ files) which can then be enriched when connected to the Wezit platform.

Thanks to the technologies developed by Wezit and to the relationship established with management collection softwares such as Videomuseum, managing and navigating museum collections has never been easier. It facilitates the curator’s work, and visitors can take advantage of their visit without getting lost!



For more information on our work with collections management systems and geolocation, do not hesitate to contact us. Last but not least, rush to the newly reopened Musée d’arts de Nantes to admire its brand new look!

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