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Digital Challenges & the Arts

Some important aspects must be taken into consideration before getting into a digital project: audience, storytelling, technology and geolocation.

Your audience

The Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes insists on the variety and the plurality of its mediation process. The latter addresses all the different audiences (with a particular concern towards families and visitors with disabilities). It is important to take into consideration the audiences' level of familiarity with digital tools; this can be related to their geographical origin, their age, their language, etc.


What story do you want to tell? And how? Is it supposed to be a game? Is it an experience that people are going to live? Does it have to be something breathtaking? Is there supposed to be a follow-up to the experience? ////// Transmedia specialist and pioneer Henry Jenkins explains that transmedia storytelling represents "a process in which the elements of a fiction are systematically scattered through multiple media platforms with the aim of creating a unified and coordinated experience of entertainment." He adds that in an ideal transmedia storytelling experience, "every medium makes its own contribution for the development of the story".


The use of technologies in the arts and in the cultural world in general is there to help the content, and not the other way around. Our knowledge and know-how as a software provider is to bring our clients and partners the possibility to emphasize some part of their installation/show/building/area/art in a way that is relevant to them and their audience. This is always our starting point!

Géolocalisation, Wezit, Mazedia


What budget and for what use? The right solution for the right space: beacons, LiFi, sound location, radio frequency cartography, etc. There are many possibilities, depending on the buildings, the situation, the budget, the needs. An important point is to analyze your situation first, see what is feasible and understand precisely what limits and boundaries there are.

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