The public

How to reach best an audience?

How make several publics coexist inside the same app?

How to satisfy a local visitor as much as a grown-up in a hurry and a 10-year-old child, who tends to gather information throughout his/her visit?

Within an application, the objective is to offer visitors several tour possibilities, allowing them to visit the museum at their own rhythm/pace, respecting their understanding of the museum.

The “thematic” visits (guided tours) offer the possibility to follow a path the works of which are proposed in advance to be discovered. The “free” visit allows visitors to browse through the museum as they please, without having to go to certain crossing points.

To know if a digital application meets well the public’s wishes & needs for which it has been designed, it is interesting to use analytical tools (such as the ones present in the Wezit dashboard).

The idea is to know and understand the consultation frequency of the tours, of the points of interests and of the devices within these points of interests (POI).

Gathering of these data can help reporting about: the time spent, the number of POIs seen and to identify recurring patterns allowing to identify preferences within the various types of publics.

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